Booking Terms and Conditions

Refreshments are free for all customers upon arrival in our salon including tea, coffee, cold or hot water

Other drinks such as hot chocolate, café late, cappuccino, fruit drinks, sparkling wine are only available with luxury service

Luxury Service

For £5-10 extra you can upgrade from professional services to our luxury services.

The benefits of luxury services include

  • Enjoy extensive offers of drinks such as hot chocolate, café late, capppuccina, fruit juices, and sparkling wine, biscuits and chocolate

  • Enjoy complimentary fruit refreshments in your service (strawberries, grapes, apples,...)

  • Have a choice to request an exclusive treatment room such as an exclusive massage room for you and your friend, exclusive nail treatment room for you & your friend(s)

  • Free of charge take off service (either Shellac/Gelish or nail polish colour take off only)

  • Hot or warm towels/slippers or bathrobe provided for your service accordingly

  • Priority given to your booking slot (during peak times such as lunch break or after work)

  • Request your preferred professional staff to be your chosen therapist

  • Enjoy complimentary hand/foot massage inclusive in your treatments

  • Request extra attention to details and perfection in the finishing touch of your service

Professional Service

The price for a professional service is usually £5 - £10 less than the luxury service.

The benefits of professional services include

  • Book your preferred appointments subject to availability only

  • Request a professional staff to be your chosen therapist

  • Complimentary hand/foot massage can only be offered subject to availability only

  • Complementary drinks include tea, coffee, cold and hot water, biscuit and chocolate

  • Request professional standard finishing touch in your service

Take off Charge

All our service prices do not include Shellac/Gelish Take Off Service

Only Bella Spa' customers will benefit from the free of charge take off service when having a new set of Shellac/Gelish Nails. Otherwise, a £5 - £10 charge for take off service applies to all other clients. However, take off service for clients booking for a new Shellac/Gelish set may be free of charge during off-peak times at the discretion of our salon manager.


We request that you provide at least 24 hours notice should you wish to cancel your appointment as the time is specifically allocated for you. Otherwise, you will be charged £10 for any cancellation made less than 24 hours. Prepaid vouchers will become void if cancellation is made under 48 hour notice.

We reserve the right at our sole discretion to cancel any booking on the day due to unforseen circumstances and we will refund your deposit or prepaid voucher amount in this case if an agreed reschedule of your appointment is not possible.


Please note all times in your treatments are approximate only and cannot be guaranteed (time allowance for treatments varies between clients depending on your nail condition, the length of your natural nails, your decision making on the colour etc).

 Your appointment time does not include the time required for your colour selection and any take off service on your nails (such as nail vanish colour take off or acrylic, gel nail take off)

Complimentary Services

Hand and Foot Massage are mainly available in our luxury service and may be complimentary for clients who pay for professional service during our off-peak times subject to availability and at the discretion of the salon director

Late Arrivals

We endeavour to finish all services & treatments on time, therefore as a courtesy to the next client late arrivals may deprive you of precious time with your therapist. For any late arrivals over 15 minutes you may be asked to rebook if the next clients’ booking is delayed due to your late arrival at the discretion of the salon manager.


£10 deposit per person may be required for any service or treatments booked for slots after 5.30 pm, weekend or for group bookings. 

Only bookings with deposit are guaranteed to be served on time during busy days of our salon (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) due to the problem of appointment times not being adhered to by some clients.

Deposits can be paid via bank transfer, paypal or pay directly over the phone

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers issued by Bella Spa are valid for 6 months from the date of issue. Special offer vouchers are valid for 4 months from the date of issue.

Gift Vouchers are only redeemable against our services.

Duplicate gift vouchers cannot be issued if lost or stolen.

Expired gift vouchers will not be accepted by Bella Spa

Prices:  All our salon prices both on our website or printed leaflets are subject to change at any given time. For printed prices on paper it is only correct at the time of printing. All updated prices should be checked at

Bella Spa reserves the right to remove, block, de-activate or change our prices of eGift voucher or any other prices without notice.

We reserve the right to amend our vouchers and prices at any given time.

We reserve the right to refuse treatment at our discretion

Loyalty Cards & Discounts

Bella Spa Loyalty Card: Available for use from Monday to Saturday 10.30 am - 5pm (excluding peek times: 12.00  – 2.00 pm or 5.30 – 7.00 pm) and is only redeemable on services or treatments. Discount cards cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Only services from £20 or above will be eligible for a loyalty point/signature

On your 5th visit to Bella Spa, you will be issued with Bella Nails’ loyalty card enabling you with up to 15% discount on treatments during off-peak times in our salon.

On your 5th visit to Bella Spa, with your loyalty card, you will be rewarded with free eyebrow threading service or manicure service.

However, if you do not require the 5th visit loyal reward, you can save up the points and receive a free treatment from either a facial massage or a hand, foot massage or a luxury pedicure as your loyalty treat on your 10th visit.

Please make sure you have read, understand and agreed to our service terms and conditions before proceeding with your treatment. A copy of our terms and condition in the salon can be asked for your information. 

Shellac/Gelish Gel Overlay is one component of nail treatment that strengthens and promotes the growth of natural nails. These Gels maintain your natural nails in a healthy way allowing them to grow and strengthen below. The gel provides a thin but strong natural looking overlay. A choice of either permanent nail colour, or a French finish is available, both which last for weeks without wearing or chipping off, provided that our after-care advice is followed.

Shellac and Gelish are very much similar in the healthy approach of promoting the growth of natural nails. According to the manufacturer’s guide, Shellac lasts up to 2 weeks and Gelish lasts up to 3 weeks depending on client’s nail condition and lifestyle.

With Gelish products, we have the option of Gelish Sculpting Gel giving you the extra length using the sculpting form or Gelish Structure Gel for gel overlay on natural nails to help strengthen the weak, brittle nails preventing them from splitting and peeling.

Shellac/Gelish/Gel After Care Advice

Shellac/Gelish/Gel can only be healthy on the nails if the application approach does not involve direct filing on the nail surface. In addition, take off procedure must follow professional approach using Foil Wrap with cotton and solution. For short, splitting and peeling nails, extra care is necessary for gel colour to last compared to other healthy nail condition.

As a certified Gel Provider, we can guarantee you a professional approach to our application, maintenance and take off processes. The following advice ensures your long lasting Shellac/Gelish/Gel Service. We cannot be held responsible for your Shellac/Gelish/Gel guarantee if you fail to follow the advice given below

  • Never pick or peel Shellac/Gelish/Gel off as this can cause damage to the natural nail
  • Wear rubber gloves when you do any wash up or cleaning jobs because Shellac/Gelish can absorb bleaches and detergents, causing the gel to lift, so wearing gloves will keep them looking freshly manicured for longer
  • Use cuticle oil at least twice a day to keep your cuticle moisturised and healthy (especially at night before going to bed)
  • Chlorine may lift Shellac/Gelish Gel in severe cases. Wait 24 hours after application before swimming
  • Always rinse your hands thoroughly after swimming to remove chlorine
  • Sun Tan Cream might also lift Shellac/Gelish Gels - wash hands thoroughly after applying or avoid sun tan cream to touch directly on your nail bed. 
  • Insect repellent can also lift Shellac/Gelish Gel after prolonged use, try to avoid having it touched on your Shellac/Gelish nails. 

Cash Refund For A Complete Treatment Is Not Available. We always strive for the best quality in all of our treatments. However, due to client's varied nail condition and lifestyles, for your peace of mind, nail repair or any problem will be rectified free of charge if the problem occurs within the first week of your treatments providing that you follow our professional instruction of aftercare advice. You should inform Bella Spa immediately with a photo of the problem should lifting/chipping problems occur. You should not peel or change the original state of the problem so that our therapists can look into the real cause of the problem with an effort of repairing them. Failure to do so may result in our refusal to provide you our free of charge repair/maintenance service. You will be required to come back to our salon within the first 7 days for the free fix service. Having a new set on your next appointment or cash refund to replace the chipped nails is not accepted in all circumstances as our products and the therapist's time incurs in additional salon costs. 

Please make sure you have read, understand and agreed to our service terms and conditions before proceeding with your treatment.

Thank you for your cooperation. Bella Spa team

Consultation on Spa Pedicure Service at Bella Spa

£16 Standard Pedicure includes file, shape, cuticle work, colour or French finish with a complimentary mini foot massage

£29 Spa Pedicure Service includes the use of our spa & massage chair, soaking feet in mineral water, file, shape, cuticle work, hard skin removal using the Callus Gel Removal, Foot Scrub, Foot Exfoliation, Colour or French Finish, a Complimentary Foot Massage & Cuticle Oil Treatment.

At Bella Spa, your spa pedicure service involves the use of Callus Removal Gel, kindly read this information carefully for your benefits.

What is it & Benefits of Callus Removal Gel?

It is a unique formula blending plant and marine extracts with minerals to deeply penetrate and soften tough, stubborn calluses and thick, dry skin.

Callus Removal Gel smoothes roughness as it softens, prepares, and conditions calluses for quick file removal.

Removing calluses from the feet may eliminate pain, and can also help reduce the chance that your feet will crack and become infected.

Instantly, your feet feel softer, more supple and comfortable. Callus removal treatment should greatly improve the appearance and texture of the calluses, effectively removing them gradually over time.

As one of the most common callus removal ingredients, salicylic acid helps to soften and wear down calluses. Once the skin is softened, it becomes much easier to remove the callus using a pumice stone or a foot file.

This method of callus gel removal is a more hygiene, gentle and effective alternative to a traditional callus shaver with the razor blade.

Kindly sit still while the callus removal gel is applied on your feet to avoid the active ingredients of salicylic acid from coming into contact with your delicate surrounding skin.

Why is Callus Removal Gel needed for your pedicure?

Areas of tough, thick skin are known as calluses and most commonly occur on parts of the body where excessive friction or pressure occurs. Calluses are definitely not a desirable skin trait, but it is often possible to treat them if professional instruction is followed.

Most times calluses can be removed easily and effectively with the right products so you can enjoy soft and smooth skin. The success rate and ease of callus removal typically depends on the size and thickness of the callus as well as its location and the amount of time it’s been there. With a little patience and determination it is possible to remove the calluses.

How is it used?

Soak feet in warm water for at least 15 minutes to soften the skin. Apply gel deliberately on callused skin only, then wrapped the feet. The gel is allowed time to soak into the calluses and then the calluses are filed away gently with a pumice stone or a skin smoothing file. The feet are then washed thoroughly with water.

Various Causes of Calluses

Calluses most commonly occur on the hands and feet where your body experiences continual pressure or friction, namely sports, exercise, and regular activities involving tools or similar equipment. Shoes that rub or those that are just a bit too tight also have the ability to inflict calluses on your feet.

Callus Prevention

You can often prevent calluses with proper foot care. This includes not wearing shoes that are too tight or that don't fit properly, and regularly exfoliating and moisturizing your feet. 

Confirmed booking conditions on busy days/peak hours of our salon.

Booking on busy days or busy slots in our salon can only be guaranteed to be served on time for clients who will pay £10 deposit. Only bookings with £10 prepaid deposit per person is considered secured bookings and will be prioritised to be served on time. Otherwise, you will be served on first come first serve with other unsecured bookings.  Deposit will be then knocked off on the cost of your treatment on the day. You will only need to pay for the remaining balance of your total bill.

Walk-in services are available on first come first serve basis after we have served all our secured bookings

Group booking for pamper packages can only be guaranteed if 310 deposit per person is paid a week before your appointment day. Each person will then pay the remaining balance on the day.

Cancellation within 24 hours in writing to or text to 0755 401 2698 stating your name, date and time of your booking and the new booking request will be accepted.

Deposit can only be used to pay for future bookings with Bella Spa if cancellation is within the 24 hour. No cash alternative is available for deposit refund.

  • in person in our salon or
  • bank transfer using our bank details: Bela Nails & Beauty. Account No: 23284573. Sort Code: 205534. Kindly text our salon number 0755 401 2698 after you have made the transaction stating your name and the date & time of your booking so that we know who have paid in or email us those details at to notify us about your deposit payment. 
  • pay your deposit using our paypal email address at

Kindly be on time for your booking as late arrivals will have a knock-on effect on other bookings of our salon reducing the precious time we allocated for your service and may result in our refusal of your service request.

Thank you for your cooperation. Bella Spa team

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